These New Recordings are getting pretty old


We now have another EP worth of new songs written over the course of trying to finish the new record. We decided it’s time to just start getting the stuff out Look for some new singles to be digitally released by March at the latest.

Still Working on it, chill, man.


We are still working on that new record. The bad news; its taking forever. The good news; its mostly done, and we are very happy with it. Singled Out, Sunday Night Service just played The History of the Good Fear on KUAF, which should be available to stream from their archive soon. Halloween is also on our minds again. There will be Petty…..or maybe something new. We are working on that.

New Album, Shows


We are working on a new full length recording. Its going well, if slow. We booked a show at JRs with Futurebird October 27 and a halloween show, Friday Oct 30 with Airplanes as ELO and Teenagers as the Cars. This one should be really great.

Keeping on


As you may already know, Jason and Tim have moved on in a friendly departure, and Damon has joined us on drums. The newish sound is still developing, and we are excited and inspired again, playing weekly. We are playing JRs big anniversary party at the end of the month, and we booked a Six Tom Petties Halloween show at Smoke and Barell on 11/1.

Springtime coming


We had a great time at JRs with Ghost Hollers and Water Liars. We are booking a show at the end of May with our friends from Little Rock, Amasa Hines.

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