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New Band Name Needed- Please forward us your fantastically bad band names….’Winter Mix Tape’?


We are approaching 10 years together, and now that we all live in Fayetteville again, we have started work on some new songs. Some number of us will be performing a few of these new songs at Maxines in late December, opening for the Early Morning Bourbon Girls. In searching for new challenge, we have mellowed the sound considerably, and it has opened things up for more interesting instrumentation and arrangement. We will not be performing many songs from the albums in this new group, except for a few that lend themselves to new arrangements and a couple much older songs from quieter days. We are also working on some cover songs from the likes of Harlan T Bobo, Bob Barley, and Magnolia Elec Co. (RIP Jason Molina).

Call it a comeback!


We are pre-booked to play 5/18 at Smoke and Barrell and 5/19/2013 at Block St Block Party, both in Fayetteville, AR! These sets will be heavy with songs from our first record, Keep In Touch. 5/19 is confirmed, and 5/18 is probable. Hope you can make it!

Its over…no its not…yes it is…well maybe…


Hey, we kinda broke up, yall, but a few of us are kinda working on some new songs, but we’re not sure what we’re going to do with them. You’d think we’d know more than that, but we never really do. Thanks for listening. Thanks for coming to the shows. Thanks for buying the 7″ to support Gold Robot Records. If it turns out to be our last release, we can say we have no regrets.

However, we do have some unfinished recordings that we may finish up someday soon, so please check back with us periodically….


The new 7″ is officially out now. Order it here and get a free digital download:

Vinyl Release Date Set


Split 7" Cover by Elise Irving(Colossal Yes/The Good Fear)

Split 7

Colossal Yes/The Good Fear album back by Rett Peek

Colossal Yes/The Good Fear album back by Rett Peek

Hunter over at Gold Robot Records sent us the following dates for the upcoming split 7″: “We tentatively have a digital release of July 6 and physical release of July 13.” The new song is called “Be Like Us”.

This record is the first entry in Gold Robot’s ongoing split series which pairs artists from different geographic regions together. Featured here are Colossal Yes (Oakland, California) and The Good Fear (Fayetteville, Arkansas). Artwork is provided by photographers from each region (Elise Irving from California, and Rett Peek from Arkansas).

Preorder here for only $5 and get a free digital download:

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